Why Make Pelican Bay Your Home?

As the 1970s got off to a start a bold and visionary property investment was made by the Westinghouse Corporation. This involved the purchase of 2,330 acres of prime real estate on the Florida coastline from the owners the Barron Collier family. This was the land on which the prestigious Pelican Bay ‘planned unit’ development was to spring. The purpose of the developer was twofold; the first was the protection of what was then known as Clam Bay where the delicate ecosystem was already under threat. At the same time, this protection would allow residents of Pelican Bay to enjoy three miles of pristine beach. Seek the help of a┬áPelican Bay Naples properties realtor if you wish to know more about this outstanding community.

Today Pelican Bay is recognized as one of the most sought after planned developments in Florida – and the amenities that are available to residents goes a long way toward explaining why demand for units remains robust.

The social life of residents is enhanced by the 25,000 sq/f community center at Pelican Bay. Here those who are lucky enough to call this incredible development home have access to the opportunity to socialize with their fellow residents, take part in wellness programs and even maximize their fitness at a state of the art fitness center. The Wellness Center offers massage services and lifestyle enhancing services such as facial rejuvenation treatments. However, there are further offerings aimed at maximizing the quality of life of those who live in Pelican Bay – such as the Art Center where residents can take advantage of classes to enhance their artistic talents.

For those who want to immerse themselves in the Internet Age, the Computer Center offers 12 HP 21 inch touch screen computers. To complement this, there are also facilities to hold board meetings and business functions – as well as other social events such as banquets.

However, it is the great natural beauty of Pelican Beach that makes it an even more attractive home vase. The two beaches are easily accessible using the resident’s private tram system and allows them access to private pavilions overlooking sparkling waters. Residents also have access to restaurants, a bar and value-added extras such as the ability to use the beach chairs that are placed to enhance their enjoyment of the sand and sea.

Of course one of the draw cards of living in Florida is the magnificent golf facilities that can be found in the State. Pelican Bay is proud to offer a 27 hole course – Club Pelican Bay where members can enjoy not only a world class course but also have access to the Club House and an incredible seven different dining venues.

Of course, there are also numerous retail outlets available at the Waterside Shops – and more opportunities to relax, be it at a dining establishment or to stroll in the pleasant, safe and secure surroundings.

Those wishing to make Pelican Bay their home will have the opportunity to invest in a variety of different types of properties including luxury apartments, villas, and family homes.

Pelican Bay is designed to meet and exceed the lifestyle requirements of those looking for something extraordinary – and it is poised to deliver just that. Here are some more┬ábeginner tips for real estate to get you going about Pelican Bay.